Project Background

After being awarded a grant from the auDA Foundation, Central Queensland University stakeholders reached out to the devwalks team for the opportunity to create an open-source iOS and Android application to meet their requirements.

The application would have to filter and collect free wi-fi hotspots and display them in a clear way on a map with the goal of creating free and open internet availability for regional communities and the underprivileged across tropical north Queensland and potentially, the world.


Apple or Android

When creating a mobile application, which device should you focus on?

It all depends on what your customers are using. If you'd like to develop on both platforms, there are now effective ways to reduce development time, such as using popular libraries like React Native.

Laptop and mobile versions of the application

Project Goals

The Open WiFi project's primary goal was the ability to collect and display free and open wi-fi hotspots in a simple to use interface on both Apple and Android devices. The application would be open-sourced at the completion of the project and should thus be created in a way that allows others to contribute to the further development of the application.

Our primary goals for this project were:

  • Cross-compatibility across Apple and Android mobile devices.
  • Ability to be open-sourced upon completion.
  • Use only open-source libraries for enhanced functionality.
  • Allow users to connect to available wi-fi points with an efficient and easy to understand user interface.
  • Allow business partners to opt-in to allow their secured wi-fi access points to be connected to via the application.
  • Allow administrators to add and manage access points and locations of interest on a web-based dashboard.

Web First?

A flexible way of creating an app-like experience is to create a fully mobile-responsive web application which feels like a native app when used on mobile device. This creates much more flexibility with your product offering (works on ALL devices, not just one or two) but is also dependant on your business goals.

"Working with the devwalks team allowed us to work through the many challenges that an application like this presents and create an iOS and Android app that successfully achieves everything that we'd hoped it would"

Biplob Ray - Senior IT Lecturer, CQU Cairns

Project Outcomes

CQU's Open WiFi project has exceeded the auDA Foundation's expectations for their grant and will go on to impact the lives of many across Far North Queensland and the world. The application successfully filters and collects open wi-fi points and allows users to connect to open wifi points with ease, allowing easy access to health and other community services available only via the internet.

Being able to manage the project via the web-based dashboard minimises the ongoing management time of the project while also creating the flexibility to onboard new business partners and key locations.


Open Source

The open source community in 2017 is an incredible source of pre-built functionality for many difference use cases. Leveraging existing open-source packages and libraries can help create very quick wins in certain software products.

Laptop and mobile versions of the application

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