Project Background

Big Wave Ventures approached the devwalks team to create a market testable minimum viable product for a potential opportunity in the high-end real-estate market.

High-end real estate agents often have to distinguish themselves from each other by creating compelling sales brochures that will win new clients and the team at Big Wave Ventures wanted to test the viability of a product that would automate the creation of these sales tools.


Small Testable Solutions

Creating a small, testable market offering is an incredible way to test a product in market while minimising the risk of creating a fully fledged (but untested) product in market.

The key to creating an effective, testable product is to be clear about the key assumptions that you're testing in market, and making sure that the testable offering demonstrates this value well.

Laptop and mobile versions of the application

Project Goals

Time was a key factor in this project and so the scope of the application had to be created in a way that would provide as much important learning from the target market as possible during testing.

The project had to also be completely functional, not just creating a facade of value, but by clearly demonstrating the key value that we were going to test on the target market.

Our primary goals for this project were:

  • Quick delivery of product after scope and design were finalised.
  • Creating true business value in a small, testable solution.
  • Create key market learnings from customers via the application.
  • Be modular and extensible if user testing proves successful.

Core Value First

Quite often your software product will have a key job to perform for your customers and it's key to maintain focus on this core functionality throughout the whole product creation process. Other functionality should always support your key value proposition.

"The team at devwalks created a fantastic product for us and we were blown away with how quickly they could create it. Working with devwalks was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to doing it again."

- Ally Muller, Director of Big Wave Ventures

Project Outcomes

Within two weeks of scope definition and final design, we were able to create a software product that could be easily tested by the Big Wave Ventures team and allow them to further validate the value of their product offering.

The end product implemented they key features to test on the customer base and it's design reflected the Big Wave Ventures brand and value of innovation.


Your Brand Is Key

Whether your software project is a key part of your business or a supporting offering, your brand should be reflected throughout.

Every time your customers interacts with your software, they should know exactly who it is they're dealing with.

Laptop and mobile versions of the application

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